Grounds for Change: Activating Vacant Land

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Working with vacant lots can be a complicated process, so we've created a searchable, sortable list of Resources to help guide you. This section includes organizations, web links, print resources, and original articles discussing vacancy-related issues in an accessible, practical way.

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Image credit: Alliance for Community Trees

Theme: Urban Orchards

Posted by Amy on July 08, 2011

A look at some other urban orchard projects across the United States that have experienced varying degress of success.

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Web Resources

  • Detroit Future City
  • Banking on Green: A look at how green infrastructure can save municipalities money and provide economic benefits community-wide
  • The Designers Accord Toolkit
  • The Designers Accord
  • PlaNYC 2030 Stormwater Management Plan

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  • Penn State Cooperative Outreach
  • New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (Rutgers University)
  • Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
  • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

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