Grounds for Change: Activating Vacant Land

Permablitz Melbourne


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Making the Australian suburbs edible, one permaculture blitz at a time.

"Welcome to Permablitz Melbourne - this site has been set up to help people get together and have fun learning about, designing and implementing suburban permaculture systems. Our focus is edible gardens, and our ultimate aim is to make the suburbs edible enough such that should food become unaffordable, we don’t even notice." Unlike most of the precedents collected here, Permablitz Melbourne is a suburbia-oriented program. Its main function as a website is to facilitate permaculture events and partnerships around Australia, but, as “blitz” indicates, these events combine flashmobs with harvest festivals, and collaborations may last but an afternoon. The group is loosely organized—“entirely volunteer and informal”—and much emphasis is placed on how fun the blitzes can be. For Pennsylvania readers: a commenter on the PM website likens the undertaking to a web-organized barn-raising. Permablitz Melbourne helps build community and form friendships almost as much as it raises awareness of permaculture and its possibilities.


Permablitz Melbourne

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