Grounds for Change: Activating Vacant Land

Not A Cornfield


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Landscape and memory: an agricultural monument in Los Angeles

“Not a Cornfield,” also known as Cornhenge, is a monument to urban agriculture planted on a vacant lot in Los Angeles in 2005. The project was inspired not only by a perceived need for productive open space in the city, but also the desire for a symbolic historical and energetic center for L.A. Zeitgeist dictated that this piece of radical art be manifested as landscape; “Not a Cornfield” responds to the connections between landscape and memory, as well as the potential for landscape to effect lasting cultural, social, and economic change. Farmlab, the team behind Cornhenge, continues to explore the relationship between art and agriculture in a variety of urban settings. Farmlab is primarily a venue for theoretical exploration, cultural events and dialogue, hosting regular salons "that connect artists, environmentalists, writers, filmmakers, historians, politicians, planners, activists, and others."


Not A Cornfield LLC

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