Grounds for Change: Activating Vacant Land

Green Guerillas


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Community gardening and activism in New York City

Green Guerillas was founded in 1973 as a loose coalition of friends and neighbors clearing gardening space for themselves on the Lower East Side. Their efforts began with a vacant lot at Houston & the Bowery and ultimately spread to other vacant properties, window boxes, and forms of planting activism that we now know as guerilla gardening. Today, Green Guerillas is a non-profit organization helping maintain over 600 community gardens in New York City's many neighborhoods. In addition to providing gardening advice and support, the group is noted for their commitment to activism on behalf of community gardeners, through both organizing and direct advocacy. From the Green Guerillas website: "Green Guerillas uses a unique mix of education, organizing, and advocacy to help people cultivate community gardens, sustain grassroots groups and coalitions, engage youth, paint colorful murals, and address issues critical to the future of their gardens."


Green Guerillas

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