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The Food Project


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Boston-area youth education programs in urban, suburban, and rural agriculture.

Boston’s The Food Project runs a number of youth education programs, including immersive summer camps and project-oriented internships. All programs take place on farm sites in and around Boston, Lincoln, Beverly, and Ipswich. The Food Project has a tripartite mission: inner city youth are introduced to suburban, urban, and rural agricultural methods. Suburban farming is a reaction to sprawl, while the program’s urban farms take advantage of space on rooftops and in housing projects. A new initiative arranges apprenticeship programs for Boston youth at rural farms in Eastern Massachusetts. "Sustainable Agriculture is the practice of growing food in a way that preserves and enhances the environment, provides economic opportunity and good health for individuals and communities, and connects people to the land around them. It generally avoids chemical pesticides and long-distance travel, striving instead to create fresh, healthy produce for local consumption. Sustainable Agriculture focuses on both processes and produce. It’s about the systems that create our food—who grows it, where, and how—as much as it is about the food itself. "The Food Project strives to create personal and social change through Sustainable Agriculture. We farm in a way that grows the best possible food, and grows the next generation of youth leaders along with it."


The Food Project

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