Grounds for Change: Activating Vacant Land

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Photo by Flickr user ItzaFineDay


London, AL

Classified ads for growers and landowners in the UK.


Research continues into the biofuel potentials of sunflowers and other crops grown at ALMONO.

ALMONO Brownfield

Pittsburgh, PA

A former steel manufacture complex fosters experimental models in brownfield remediation and biofuel production.


The new Cliveden Park in spring.  (Linda Walczak / Philadelphia Green)

Cliveden Park

Philadelphia, PA

This Philadelphia park renovation demonstrates minimally invasive techniques for stormwater management through topographic manipulation.


Exterior and interior of an abandoned house on LaClede Avenue, one of many left vacant thanks to Youngstown's housing surplus.

Lots of Green

Youngstown, OH

An ambitious plan to comprehensively repurpose a neighborhood's vacant properties.


One of two flow-through planter boxes framing the entrance to the Waterview Recreation Center.  (Flickr: philastories)

Waterview Recreation Center

Philadelphia, PA

A renovated community center incorporates streetside features to manage stormwater.


The external wall of the skate lab plainly shows its tire underpinnings.  (Dan Hughes,

Green Skate Laboratory

Washington, DC

A multi-purpose environmental education space, combining physical laboratory, classroom, and skateboarding bowl.


Grupo Desiño Urbano’s illustrative master plan identifies three main landscape zones, a mix of geometric shapes and curvilinear forms.

Xochimilco Ecological Park

Mexico City,

A large-scale ecological restoration and productive landscape inspired by Xochimilco's landscape history.


Eco Boulevard combines elements of urban forestry—saplings in the foreground—and a temporary, wind-powered community center to help revitalize this large urban thoroughfare.  (Emilio P. Doiztua & Roland Halbe)

Eco Boulevard


A temporary climate control structure and urban plaza in Madrid.


Joggers enjoy the many walking paths throughout the Parc.

Parc du Sausset


A mixed-use large-scale park influenced by vernacular French landscapes.


Aerial view of Mill Race Park shows its location in downtown Columbus, Indiana.

Mill Race Park

Columbus, OH

A landscape of large views and spaces, designed to be flooded.


A vast array of playground equipment and surfaces populate South Philadelphia's Herron Park.  (Philadelphia Water Department)

Herron Playground

Philadelphia, PA

Water plays a major role in a South Philadelphia playground, from recreation to green infrastructure.


Added Value is a non-profit organization promoting the sustainable development of Red Hook by nurturing a new generation of young leaders.

Added Value

Brooklyn, NY

An organization to promote the sustainable development of Red Hook by nurturing a new generation of young leaders


Photo by Flickr user ItzaFineDay

Urban Farming

Southfield, MI

Grassroots urban agriculture organization in Detroit.


Photo by Flickr user davidgljay

Green Guerillas

New York, NY

Community gardening and activism in New York City


Photo from The-Food-Project on Flickr

The Food Project

Boston, MA

Boston-area youth education programs in urban, suburban, and rural agriculture.


Flickr: ericrichardson

Not A Cornfield

Los Angeles, CA

Landscape and memory: an agricultural monument in Los Angeles


Photo by Flickr user Kelowna09

Yes In My Backyard

Toronto, AL

A new landshare program for urban farmers in Toronto.


Growing Power's water catchment system.

Growing Power

Milwaukee, WI

A Milwaukee-based nonprofit offering training, demonstration, outreach, and technical assistance in urban agriculture.


Row houses and hoop houses coexist peacefully at Greensgrow’s Kensington location.

Greensgrow Farms

Philadelphia, PA

A nursery, farm market, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in Philadelphia, PA


A student team composed of Kiki Brown, Mary Huynh, and Carson Sio designed a vertical planting unit for homegrown produce.

Farm Philly

Philadelphia, PA

Student designs: new techniques for urban farming


China Creek Community Garden in Vancouver

Farm Folk/City Folk


Nonprofit society to cultivate a local, sustainable food system in British Columbia


Dense planting in a suburban backyard, the result of a permablitz.

Permablitz Melbourne


Making the Australian suburbs edible, one permaculture blitz at a time.


by Flickr user pwbaker

Weaver's Way Co-op

Philadelphia, PA

A model farm and co-op in Philadelphia, with diverse yet integrated operations.