Grounds for Change: Activating Vacant Land

Eastwick Alleywalk


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Creating corridors and connecting parks and the city.

Eastwick Alleywalk is a project by Brian Sabri, a student in Pennsylvania State University’s undergraduate landscape architecture program.  Sabri participated in a studio entitled The Urban Arboretum: From Vacancy to Hybrid Landscape, a design course inspired by Matthew Langan’s eponymous proposal for the Urban Voids competition.  The Spring 2010 studio was taught by Tim Baird with assistance from Langan, a graduate of the program.

Eastwick Alleywalk proposes to rehabilitate a vacant parcel in Southwest Philadelphia as a major point of intersection in a new, enhanced network of bicycle-friendly streets, using the existing park system and the Greenways network (planned for 2030) as a starting point.  The Eastwick park is a production site for the trees that will eventually line these Greenways and streets.  Visual and sensory impact are important to the design of the park, especially the single-species groves of trees cutting through larger open areas of meadow, wetland, and nursery.  Groves not only envelope visitors in sheltered promenades, but also act as barriers and frames to views of the landscape from a number of different vantage points.  Combining intimate and sweeping scales is one of this proposal’s strengths as a park.


Urban Arboretum: From Vacancy to Hybrid Landscape. Landscape Architecture 414. The Pennsylvania State University College of Arts and Architecture, Spring 2010.

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